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3D Printing Update

January 13, 2014

The remaining two models finally arrived from Shapeways. First, the Vase, which was printed in "Strong and Flexible Plastic". It's much more flexible than I expected. You could easily fold it and break it. This is with a 1.3 mm wall. The whole thing is very light as well -- about the weight of a sheet of paper. I placed it under the flying saucer as intended. The vase platform looks interesting, but the saucer is still boring.

The Hawaii model was printed in "Full Color Sandstone". It's what I designed! The colors aren't particularly vivid, and I really don't like the feel of the material. Also, as I mentioned last time, I originally used the same pattern as the Vase design, but it was rejected as too fragile. I used a much coarser mesh than I wanted, with thicker beams.

It is fun to see something you've designed online from topographic data and Google Map images brought to life. Now, if it only didn't take a month!

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