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Nothing New
Another 3D printed model, but my health has been bothering me again, so nothing new on the project.

3D Printing Update
The last two models arrived from Shapeways. Not bad!

Part 91: 3D Printing
I spend a month trying to print some models. Two of them worked...

Part 90: Update
A scattered month spent on several different topics.

Part 89: More Models
The Habitat object and some other models. Still coding....

Part 88: It's Blue
Still working on terrain. I tried to make the station more interesting.

Part 87: Working on Terrain
An update on my progress this month. Not enough for a demo, unfortunately.

Part 86: Worlds You Can Walk On
A new version of the SeaOfMemes demo. Much more fun.

Part 85: Space Station
Can this space station be saved? It's kind of ugly.

Part 84: Seamless Textures
Here's a short note on seamless textures. Still working on framework stuff.

Part 83: New Source Code
The downloads, source code and github repository have been updated, for the first time in months!

Part 82: Platforms
Trying to get all the code working well under Emscripten, so I can support four different platforms. Why am I doing this?

Part 81: Emscripten Demos
The demos sort of work under Emscripten.

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